Four Reasons Why You Should Join the LYE Teacher Membership

We take care of the "C" so you can focus on the "PD"

In this video, Andrew outlines 4 reasons you should join the LYE CPD Membership:

1. The 30-Day Challenge

2. The Community

3. Exclusive Content and Resources

4. It's a great way to Boo$t your Career

What our Members Say


LYE Member

"The LYE membership for teachers is an amazing opportunity to get together with other teachers from all over the world, read about different topics, and discuss with each other. I can't wait to learn more!"


LYE Member

"I like how committed the founders are to post useful and amazing content to help us. The webinars are my favourite part - that's where we have the opportunity to discuss topics related to teaching practice with other teachers. "


LYE Member

"Since joining the community, I've noticed I'm developing a more critical eye as I reflect upon the choices I make while planning my lessons. Andrew, Mike, and Leo are incredibly supportive people!"


LYE Member

Learn YOUR English Network is an educational startup with the aims of development of teachers and students. They lead their community to rethink the way a language is taught and learnt by producing top-notch quality podcasts, courses, newsletters, and so on. I highly recommend their work!


LYE Member

"We grow together and support each other. If you have any doubts in your own teaching practice, you can contribute, as you are given time and space to present anything that represents who you are as an educator."

Maria Jose

LYE Member

I've been a member of this awesome community for a month, and I'm loving it! Getting online and meeting so many teachers from different countries has led me to think about my teaching and learning styles. I'm eager to apply everything I'm learning, and I must confess I always leave the meetings with new ideas, tools, and even questions to continue investigating and building on my professional development. Furthermore, they offer you different courses, webinars, podcasts, and even the possibility of joining different projects! I definitely recommend LYE for those who want to keep on growing as teachers!

Do any of these sound familiar?

  • You are stuck in a rut in your own teaching and your lessons are usually the same

  • You want to develop but can't afford conferences or to take expensive courses

  • You want to meet other like-minded professionals to learn with and from them

  • You've been seeking a development program that is bottom-up and gives teachers a voice

  • You believe a one-size-fits-all approach to CPD is ineffective

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What's Included?

Each month our members have access to all this and more!

  • Monthly CPD Challenge

    Every month has a development theme (e.g. Task-Based Learning, Language Alignment, etc.). Work at your own pace through our 30-day CPD challenge each month. This includes community discussion, readings, videos, and lesson design. Our podcast, newsletter, and relevant readings are connected to the topic of the challenge. At the end of the month, share and publish any new activities and lessons you designed using the elements from the challenge.

  • Participate in our Reading for Professional Development Challenge

    As part of our Reading for Professional Development (RPD) program, we examine crucial and seminal books in our industry one chapter at a time. Each month we read a section as a community, share reflections, thoughts & collaborative annotations, and meet to critically analyze the ideas we read. We encourage members to design lessons and use concepts in their classrooms right away based on the chapter and report back to the group. This is also the best way to improve designing your own materials.

  • Three Monthly Interactive Webinars

    We meet at the beginning of each month to introduce the 30-day challenge and again at the end to reflect on its outcomes and to share lessons, designs, and classroom experiences using the approach or topic. We also offer an informal session in the middle of each month called "Talk N Chalk." This is designed as an open concept session with loads of discussion, input, and collaboration on a very specific topic All webinars include theory, activities, and time to start designing your own materials. We focus on self-directed development and as such the webinars are very interactive and bottom-up. You can watch these webinars later if you missed one.

  • Access to Online Classroom for Community Discussion

    Our Community Group on Thinkific is where all materials, articles, and discussions happen. Engage with other members on topics relevant to your learning and contexts. As you develop your own materials using the theme for the month, share with others, and see what they have created.

  • CPD Focused Podcast Episode

    We release an episode of our “Teacher Talking Time” podcast every month. Each episode focuses on teacher development and is connected to the 30-day challenge. Listen in your favourite podcatcher or stream on our website.

  • Sell your Materials and Courses

    Have materials or short courses that you have developed? All members have the opportunity to sell those in our online store and course platform. If you have lessons, activities, or courses that have evidence backing, submit them to us and start reaping the rewards.

Members also Receive 50% off All LYE Online Courses

All our courses are completely asynchronous, reflective, self-directed, and can be completed at your own pace.

Plans to Meet your Needs

Receive two months free on the annual plan

The Membership Portal

Have access to the content for the current month and all past months as well. Enroll in the free preview to test drive the membership experience

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    May 2021

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    April 2021

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    March 2021

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    February 2021

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    • Join the Community Discussion

    • This Month's 30-Day CPD Challenge & Articles to Read

    • Recording: February Kickoff Meeting - Rules, Patterns, and Words and Lexis

    • Recording: February Talk N Chalk - The Pre-Listening Stage of a Listening Lesson

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  • 8

    January 2021

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  • 9

    December 2020

    • This Month's 30-Day CPD Challenge & Resources

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    • Recording: December Roundtable Discussion - Making Development Goals

    • December's Teacher Talking Time Podcast Episode

    • December's Cult of Learning Podcast Episode

  • 10

    November 2020

    • This Month's 30-Day CPD Challenge & Resources

    • Recording: November Kickoff Meeting - Dogme

    • Recording: November Roundtable Discussion - Reflecting on Dogme

    • November's Teacher Talking Time Podcast Episode

    • November's Cult of Learning Podcast Episode

  • 11

    October 2020

    • This Month's 30-Day CPD Challenge & Resources

    • Recording: October Kickoff Meeting - Visualization as a Learning Tool

    • Recording: October Roundtable Discussion - Visualization

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    • October's Cult of Learning Podcast Episode

  • 12

    September 2020

    • This Month's 30-Day CPD Challenge

    • September's Teacher Talking Time Podcast Episode

    • September's Cult of Learning Podcast Episode

Real Teachers, Real Reflections

Leandro, Teacher and LYE Member

Meet the Team!

Andrew, Mike, and Leo lead the membership community

Leo Gomez

My name is Leo Gomez and I’m the CVO and a founding member of Learn YOUR English. I have devoted my life exclusively to education and a substantial portion of my work in English Language Teaching has involved, teaching, educating, and developing language teachers both in pre- and in-service capacities. I have an MA in TEFL and Corpus Linguistics (University of Birmingham) and a Delta (Cambridge University). My research interests include humanistic education, philosophy of education, psychology of learning, critical pedagogy, task-based learning, podcasting as a tool for development, and learner-centered education. Leo’s 20+ years of teaching experience overseas include 6 countries and a broad spectrum of classes, ranging from general English, exam English, ESP, to teacher education courses; the last 6 years of my teaching have been devoted solely to English for Academic Purposes at universities and colleges in Canada.. As an EAP instructor, I employed my experience with data-driven learning and task-based education to promote agency, awareness, and authenticity in the learning process. Leo has developed a process for growing audiences and building authority, both from his work with universities and colleges and @Teachertalkingtime podcast interviews with leading thinkers, such as Scott Thornbury, Jane Willis, Patsy Lightbown, Susan Hunston, and more. I am excited to have you on this journey with us!

Michael Landry

Mike has worked as a language instructor, teacher trainer, and director of studies in East Asia and Canada. Mike began his ELT career in South Korea as a business-English, exam preparation (TOEFL/IELTS), and EAP instructor. He then moved on to China and Japan where he assumed a variety of ESL teaching and administrative roles. Since returning to Canada, he has taught EAP at universities and continues to develop curriculum for a variety of English language programs. He has also served of provincial and national professional bodies. In addition to his ELT interests, Mike enjoys being outdoors and taking in some sports.

Andrew Woodbury

In his career, Andrew has worked as a language instructor, teacher trainer, and director of studies. Over that time, he has delivered a wide variety of courses both in Canada and abroad. He started teaching in Costa Rica, where he lived and worked for over three years. In his time there, he delivered business-English and teacher-training courses, and would later become the director of studies of two separate institutions. In Canada, he has worked at a variety of language schools, colleges, and universities teaching EAP Foundation Courses and continuing his teacher-training responsibilities. When he is not teaching, Andrew loves travelling, reading, and pretending that he’s a writer.

Organizations We Work With

If you're interested in our institutional packages, please reach out


  • What type of teacher is this membership for?

    Our membership is for any teacher who loves learning and isn’t satisfied with where they are at in the professional development. We work hard to cultivate a community of passionate professionals to learn, share ideas, reflect, and develop together. We have a mix of foundation, proficient, and highly experienced teachers who all collaborate and learn from each other.

  • How long does the LYE Teacher Membership last?

    The membership is ongoing and functions on a monthly basis. Each month has a different CPD focus and is the point of emphasis for our conversations, designs, and materials creation. As a member, your membership will automatically renew 30 days after you sign up. If you want to pause or step away from the membership for any amount of time, you can simply stop your membership at any time and rejoin whenever is convenient for you. There is zero contract, commitment, or financial penalty involved.

  • What if I can’t attend some of the live sessions and webinars?

    We meet on Zoom at least twice a month - sometimes three for a bonus webinar - and all live sessions are recorded. We make these recordings available to all of our members the following day via our membership portal right here on Thinkific, where the discussion and idea sharing continues.

  • As a member, will I be able to interact with Andrew, Leo, and Mike?

    Absolutely! Andrew, Leo, and Mike lead all live sessions and take an active role in the discussions in the Community group. They also lead the collaborative lesson planning and notes that take place in an ongoing Google Document throughout each month.

  • How much time will I be required to spend in the membership?

    We designed the membership to be suitable for all kinds of teachers. There is a lot on offer each month, but you don’t need to feel like you need to participate and/or complete everything; we simply want to provide as many options and benefits as possible. We estimate that each member has approximately 10-12 hours of development per month if he or she contributes to all the offerings. However, don’t feel obligated to attend everything - jump in on what’s right for you!

  • How do I pay? What are my options?

    Membership payments are made through our this website (Thinkific). We accept any credit card, Apply Pay, Google Pay, PayPal, and Venmo (US only). You'll be charged each month on the same day you originally signed up.

  • What if my institution wants to sponsor me and other teachers?

    Great question! We offer institutional group rates for teachers joining our membership together. Simply have your institute contact us and we will arrange the sponsorships:

  • What happens if I decide to cancel the membership?

    While we hope this doesn’t happen for quality reasons, we understand life happens from time to time. If you need to cancel, simply log in to your account and stop your membership. You will then not be charged on your next renewal date (the day you started your membership) or incur any financial penalty - our membership is contractless and commitment free. When you are ready to return, simply subscribe again and you’re good to go!