What is the School of Learning?

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Finally, you can learn English the way you always wanted to. The LYE School of Learning is for students who are passionate about learning. Learn what you want to, when you want to, for as long as you want to. For $5, you can learn forever.

The Classroom Isn't for Everyone

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How to Apologize in English

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  • 1

    Welcome to the Learning Library and FAQs

    • Introduce Yourself to your Classmates

    • Teacher Talking Time Podcast: How do I Listen?

    • What are the Video Lessons?

    • What are the Listening & Vocabulary Lessons?

  • 2

    Podcast: Teacher Talking Time

    • How to Listen to the Podcast

    • Episode 1: Three Rules of Learning - April, 2020

    • Episode 2: Three Myths of Learning - May 2020

    • Episode 3: Setting Clear Language Goals, Part I - June 2020

    • Episode 4: Setting Clear Language Goals, Part II - July 2020

    • Episode 5: Setting Clear Language Goals, Part III - August 2020

    • Episode 6: Why Do People Learn a New Language?

  • 3

    October 2020

    • Listening & Vocabulary Lesson 1: The Word "Head"

    • Listening & Vocabulary Lesson 2: The Word "Method"

    • Listening & Vocabulary Lesson 3: The Word "Program"

  • 4

    September 2020

    • Monthly Reading: Learning Tips & Strategies

    • September Podcast Episode & Discussion

    • Questions for the Teacher!

    • Your IELTS Questions Answered

    • Listening & Vocabulary Lesson 1: The Word "Component"

    • Listening & Vocabulary Lesson 2: The Word "Hand"

    • Listening & Vocabulary Lesson 3: The Word "Data"

  • 5

    August 2020

    • Listening & Vocabulary Lesson 1: The Word "Child"

    • Listening & Vocabulary Lesson 2: The Word "Research"

    • August Podcast Episode & Discussion

    • Monthly Reading: Learning Tips & Strategies

    • Questions for the Teacher!

    • August Video Lesson: Discussing Future Plans and Goals

  • 6

    July 2020

    • Listening & Vocabulary Lesson 1: The Word "approach"

    • Listening & Vocabulary Lesson 2: The Word "day"

    • Listening & Vocabulary Lesson 3: The word "world"

    • July Podcast Reflection & Discussion

    • Monthly Reading: Learning Tips & Strategies

    • Questions for the Teacher!

    • Video Lesson: Talking about Interests

    • Listening & Vocabulary Lesson 4: The word "benefit"

  • 7

    June 2020

    • June Podcast Reflection & Discussion

    • Monthly Reading: Learning Tips & Strategies

    • Weekly Reflection 1: Quote from Will Smith

    • Weekly Reflection 2: Quote from Zig Zaglar

    • Video Lesson: Indefinite Pronouns, Part I

    • Listening and Vocabulary Lesson 1: The word "time"

    • Listening & Vocabulary Lesson 2: The word "factor"

    • Listening & Vocabulary 3: The word "people"

    • Listening & Vocabulary 4: The word "policy"

  • 8

    May 2020

    • May Podcast Reflection & Discussion

    • Monthly Reading: Learning Tips & Strategies

    • Class Discussion: Weekly Reflection 1

    • Class Discussion: Weekly Reflection 2

    • Class Discussion: Weekly Reflection 3

    • Class Discussion: Weekly Reflection 4

    • Video Lesson 1: Expressing Needs, Wants, and Reasons

    • Video Lesson 2: Apologizing

    • Listening & Vocabulary Lesson 1:

    • Listening & Vocabulary Lesson 2

    • Listening & Vocabulary Lesson 3

    • Listening & Vocabulary Lesson 4

  • 9

    April 2020

    • April Podcast Reflection & Discussion

    • Monthly Reading: Learning Tips & Strategies

    • Discussion & Reflection: How do you learn new vocabulary?

Meet Your Teachers

Leo Gomez

Leo has worked as a teacher, trainer, academic director, and ELT consultant in five different countries since 2000. He has delivered courses in all levels of ESL, ESP, EAP, TOEFL, IELTS, CAE, CPE, and Business English. This experience has enriched his knowledge of what it takes to create an environment that fosters learning above all. Along with his classroom experience, he has also worked as a curriculum designer and syllabus designer. He has been delivering both pre- and in-service professional development sessions at local and international conferences. In his leisure time, Leo enjoys reading, playing soccer with his son, and learning new things.

Michael Landry

Mike has worked as a language instructor, teacher trainer, and director of studies in East Asia and Canada. Mike began his ELT career in South Korea as a business-English, exam preparation (TOEFL/IELTS), and EAP instructor. He then moved on to China and Japan where he assumed a variety of ESL teaching and administrative roles. Since returning to Canada, he has taught EAP at universities and continues to develop curriculum for a variety of English language programs. He has also served of provincial and national professional bodies. In addition to his ELT interests, Mike enjoys being outdoors and taking in some sports.

Andrew Woodbury

In his career, Andrew has worked as a language instructor, teacher trainer, and director of studies. Over that time, he has delivered a wide variety of courses both in Canada and abroad. He started teaching in Costa Rica, where he lived and worked for over three years. In his time there, he delivered business-English and teacher-training courses, and would later become the director of studies of two separate institutions. In Canada, he has worked at a variety of language schools, colleges, and universities teaching EAP Foundation Courses and continuing his teacher-training responsibilities. When he is not teaching, Andrew loves travelling, reading, and pretending that he’s a writer.

From our current members

What our Students Say

Aida Vosoughi

It has been a few months since I have joined this community. It was exactly what I needed. Instead of boring formal classes they focus on learning at all times which they call "learning in the wild". I strongly recommend this network to anyone who wishes to improve their skills.

Selin Goran

I took their online course and I learned a lot. The way they teach is different than other courses. Learning has never been this much fun. In short, it gives me hope to know that there are still people in the world that are so dedicated to their job. Thank you LYE.

Danilo Pereira

Learn YOUR English Network is an educational startup with the aims of development of teachers and students. They lead their community to rethink the way a language is taught and learnt by producing top-notch quality podcasts, courses, newsletters, and so on. I highly recommend their work!

Frequently Asked Questions

Still not sure? These questions should help

  • Who is the school for?

    The LYE School of learning is for people who love to learn. No matter your age, your English level, or where in the world you live, if you want to improve, we can help you. If this is you, our school is ready for you: I love to learn. I want to be more confident in my English ability. I need more practice outside of the classroom. I want to study with students from other countries. I have a tight budget and a busy schedule.

  • What happens after I register?

    You start learning immediately! After signing in to our school, you have access to all the lessons, including from past months. You don’t need to wait for any processing or long forms - just start learning right away.

  • What if I don't have time to do all the lessons?

    No problem! Think of this like the language gym: you can come and go as you like. We provide many opportunities for learning for many different people. You can choose which are best for you. We don’t want you to feel stressed about doing everything - choose which days you want to learn and which lessons as well. It’s completely up to you!

  • What if my English level is low?

    We have lessons for all levels. Each month we add materials with different levels in mind. So, advanced students will not be bored and beginners will not feel too challenged.

  • Can I study with my friends?

    Of course! We encourage people to study together and develop a community. Tell your friends and study together!

  • What if I have something specific I want to learn?

    We listen to you! If you have something specific you want to learn, let us know and we’ll create a lesson about it. It’s that simple.

  • What if I have another question?

    You can always contact us anytime. Whenever you have a question, you can reach our team by email at: info@learnyourenglish.com. Leo, Mike, or Andrew will reply within 24 hours.

  • What if I want to learn more?

    We hope the School of Learning has many opportunities for you to improve, but we know you may have very specific skills you want to learn. Just for that, we have a library of short tutorials to help you. From speaking skills to how to read articles to academic writing, we have many options for you. You can find our “Quick Fix” series here. We keep these prices low as well so we can make learning as financially accessible as possible.

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