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It is broken down into 5 modules

The LYE School of Learning is a brand new online academy focused on accessible resources for language teachers, language educators, and those who are looking for appropriate Professional Development at their own time and pace! This NEW approach for teaching high-quality lessons will make your students BETTER listeners. The course is packed with easy-to-understand, practical training reflective activities, and videos commenting on each activity. You'll learn how to design effective listening lessons and see real improvement in your students’ listening.

Maria Skulskaya

Language Teacher

I took this course in July, and I was glad I did. I was researching Teaching Listening during my Master’s program during which I learned theoretical updates about modern approaches, but I couldn’t apply much when I was back teaching. Your course helped me connect the dots between theory and practice. You are awesome, LYE!

Language Instructor

Lucia Perzhalo

The listening course was great! Super practical and easy to follow. I highly recommend it!

Linda Birosova-McLester

Language Teacher

"Teaching Listening Made Easy" helped me to become a more versatile and textbook-free instructor. The course is a great manual that equips me to design exactly that kind of lesson I need for a particular class. Preparation time reduced substantially and the lessons can be easily reconstructed. Due to the lessons now being dynamic and always engaging, the students love working on their listening skills as they recognize the purposeful management of all tasks leading and supporting them to be the owners of their own growth.

This PRACTICAL course will show you a NEW method to teach listening that:

  • is appropriate for any age, level, and topic

  • requires minimal preparation

  • is transferable to any teaching context

  • uses all the skills (speaking, listening, reading, and writing) and systems (pronunciation, vocabulary, and grammar) in every lesson

  • will help your students quickly become more comfortable with natural spoken English

  • will make your students better and more independent learners

  • allows you to move at your own pace and reflect on your teaching practice

  • shows you important concepts of that most courses often DON’T teach - such as connected speech, and how to integrate them into your lesson

  • breaks free from the old way of teaching listening and shows you how to design a lesson in a short period of time

  • have a clear idea to quickly plan your listening lessons

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Learn a new method for any age and proficiency levels to take your listening lessons to the next level

The Five Modules

Each has tasks, application, and reflection

  • 1

    A Welcome Message from LYE & Complementary Lesson Plan

  • 2

    Module 1: Introduction to the Course

  • 3

    Module 2: Before Listening

    • 2.0 An Introduction to the Module

    • 2.1 Module Aims and Objectives

    • 2.2 Module Resources

    • 2.3 Activating Schemata

    • 2.3A Planing & Identifying Aims and Procedures

    • 2.4 Stage 2 - Composing Comprehension Questions

    • 2.4A Sample Task

    • 2.4B Aims of Writing Comprehension Questions

    • 2.5 Stage 3 - Ear Training/Accommodation/Calibration

    • Module 2 Summary

    • Test your Understanding: A Review of the Key Points

  • 4

    Module 3: While Listening

    • 3.0 An Introduction to the Module

    • 3.1 Aims & Objectives

    • 3.2 Module Resources

    • 3.3 Reasons for Listening

    • 3.3A Task 1

    • 3.3B A Focus on Words

    • 3.3C Listening for Decoding

    • 3.4 Final Task - Module 3

    • Module 3 Summary

    • Test your Understanding: A Review of the Key Points

  • 5

    Module 4: Post Listening

    • 4.0 An Introduction to the Module

    • 4.1 Module Aims and Objectives

    • 4.2 Module Resources

    • 4.3 Focusing on Pronunciation

    • 4.3A Task 1

    • 4.3B Task 2

    • 4.3C Task 3

    • 4.4 Focusing on Speaking & Task 4

    • 4.5 Focusing on Vocabulary & Task 5

    • 4.6 Focusing on Writing & Task 6

    • Test your Understanding: A Review of the Key Points

    • Module 4 Summary

  • 6

    Module 5 Summary & Conclusion

    • 5.1 Summary & Conclusion

    • 5.2 Reflection Questions

    • 5.3 References

    • 5.4 Bonus Listening Materials

    • 5.5 Kindly Leave us a Review

5 star rating

Teaching Listening Made Easy

Emma Maynard

I've come away with a refreshed approach; not only having a broadened theoretical base, but also practical elements on how to apply it. I'm excited to take w...

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I've come away with a refreshed approach; not only having a broadened theoretical base, but also practical elements on how to apply it. I'm excited to take what I've learnt into the classroom and give my students the opportunities to develop transferable skills that they can use at home. This course is not just interesting, but highly useful and practical.

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Watch Intro Video

Curious What you Will Learn?

Here is Leo to Introduce the Course

Meet Your Instructors on this Course

Leo Gomez

Leo has worked as a teacher, trainer, academic director, and ELT consultant in five different countries since 2000. He has delivered courses in all levels of ESL, ESP, EAP, TOEFL, IELTS, CAE, CPE, and Business English. This experience has enriched his knowledge of what it takes to create an environment that fosters learning above all. Along with his classroom experience, he has also worked as a curriculum designer and syllabus designer. He has been delivering both pre- and in-service professional development sessions at local and international conferences. In his leisure time, Leo enjoys reading, playing soccer with his son, and learning new things.

Michael Landry

Mike has worked as a language instructor, teacher trainer, and director of studies in East Asia and Canada. Mike began his ELT career in South Korea as a business-English, exam preparation (TOEFL/IELTS), and EAP instructor. He then moved on to China and Japan where he assumed a variety of ESL teaching and administrative roles. Since returning to Canada, he has taught EAP at universities and continues to develop curriculum for a variety of English language programs. He has also served of provincial and national professional bodies. In addition to his ELT interests, Mike enjoys being outdoors and taking in some sports.

More Materials for Teaching Listening

Free Listening Lesson

Try this lesson out for free

This lesson is designed to exploit a listening text and provide students the chance to engage with all four skills and systems in a meaningful way. It asks students to predict content, listen for meaning and also decode different sounds, deal with vocabulary autonomously, and engage with the topic personally.

E-Book: The How-to of Teaching Listening

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This Listening Journal is the product of months of research and years of classroom teaching. Listening practice is crucial to language learning. The majority of listening practice that happens in the classroom is intensive while research suggests that improvements in listening skills occur with extensive listening done away from the classroom. This e-book will help you and your students!

Listening Assessment: Help your Students Become more Autonomous Listeners

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This assessment is designed to help your students become more autonomous learners and improve their listening skills in and outside of the classroom. What’s Inside: The teacher copy of the assessment The student copy of the assessment The tapescript of the listening text A link to where the listening file is hosted We hope you find this useful, and helps make you and your students happy!

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